Growth in shooting sports and what it means for you!

It's been a welcome trend to watch for anyone who has been a participant in shooting sports in years past to see SO MANY new and growing opportunities for competition handgun shooting in the area!  With rapid growth the past 5+ years in the number of handgun shooters and CCW permit holders, and the rapid growth in the number of shooting range facilities in the area, there are lots of new opportunities popping up all the time!  Most of the area range facilities have fully embraced competition shooting and hold many types of matches regularly.  Not only is it a great social activity, but it's directly related to the acquisition of a higher level of skill for those who shoot a handgun.  We love it!  Whether it's a bowling pin match, a bullseye league, or a USPSA Action Pistol match, we're IN!  It's all a ton of fun, and it all makes you a better shooter!

Why train for competition shooting?  That's a great question and one that we hear often from prospective students who think "I want to get better at shooting a handgun, but I'm not really sure I want to actually get into competition shooting".  The reality is that ALL of the core marksmanship skills that are required to even be remotely competent at competition shooting are the absolute FOUNDATION skills for any type of competence as a handgun shooter, competition or not.  You don't need a desire to actually participate in a handgun competition scenario to gain a HUGE advantage in your skill development from participating in competition training.  While there are certainly SOME aspects of competition shooting, particularly Action Pistol or "run & gun" competition (such as USPSA, IDPA etc.) that have nothing to do with actually pulling the trigger and hitting a target accurately, the basic marksmanship skills are still the MOST IMPORTANT part of it.  And the basic marksmanship skills that we train for in competition are significantly more advanced than what are typically taught in traditional handgun training.

Watch a highly skilled action pistol shooter compete in a USPSA match, and you'll see how far the skills of a handgun shooter can actually be developed.  It all comes down to being able to shoot FAST and ACCURATELY, and adding in the elements of moving around through a course of fire, reloading on the run, dealing with obstacles and awkward shooting positions, etc. all make it even more difficult.  But the FAST and ACCURATE part are the elements that any handgun shooter should strive to possess, and it's the focus of our core skills classes.


1) The CCW permit holder who views a handgun as a self-defense tool, and trains specifically for the unlikely but plausible scenario of having to fire their gun to save their own life or the life of another person.  There are many aspects that need to be trained, including mindset, threat evaluation, and everything else related to NOT pulling the trigger of a handgun.  And there are many training opportunities for self-defense training available in the area focused mainly on these aspects of it.  But for the training in marksmanship skills, there is simply NO better way to gain proficiency in this area than competition handgun training.  Competition training adds the element of time to place stress on marksmanship skills, and it's the key to making skills repeatable and developing them to a higher level.

2) The "hobby" handgun shooter who enjoys going to the range and plinking at targets, shooting bullseyes, etc.  This shooter occasionally decides to shoot "fast" at a target for fun and to test their skills and quickly realizes that "fast" just means spraying bullets all of the place and wasting ammo.  You may have stood next to someone at the range and heard them do a mag dump from their handgun into a target at 10 yards, and witnessed the aftermath with holes spread out randomly all over the target.  It's not EASY in any fashion to shoot fast AND accurately.  It's normally one or the other.  Through training in competition techniques, this shooter can learn to be both fast AND accurate!

3) The prospective competition shooter is someone who has seen or heard about competition shooting and thought "that looks like fun!".  But for whatever reason, they have not actually taken the plunge to sign up for a match yet.  For this person, taking a competition shooting class can be the springboard to becoming a regular competitor.  Not only will you learn the marksmanship techniques that will allow you to develop into a successful competitor, you'll also learn all about the competitions themselves from instructors who LIVE and BREATHE this stuff every day!  We will be thrilled to help you get into the sport, it's the primary reason we're passionate about offering training in the first place!