FrogLube Product Guide

FrogLube CLP

This is the essential "Core" FrogLube product and the one that you will use on a regular basis.  When people say "Frog Lube" they're generally referring to FrogLube CLP.  This product is appropriate for "regular" cleaning and lubrication of your firearms, and most often your maintenance routine will involve ONLY FrogLube CLP.  Only when you have serious noticeable carbon fouling or are trying to remove older petroleum cleaners or lubricants from your firearm will you need to use FrogLube Solvent or Super Degreaser.

FrogLube CLP is available in Wipes, Liquid and Paste Formats:

Wipes - This is for CONVENIENCE, pack in your range bag, etc. you would not use Wipes as your REGULAR FrogLube product


Liquid - This is the basic and original FrogLube CLP format, easy to apply with cleaning patches, rag or just your fingers.

- This is a newer format for FrogLube CLP and has developed many diehard fans among soldiers and armorers!  We prefer the Paste ourselves, and we apply it with a q-tip or a cleaning patch, wipe it on, then "melt" it with heat into liquid form, let it soak in for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess.

FrogLube Solvent

FrogLube Solvent is a CLEANER, and is used when you have noticeable carbon fouling to remove before applying the FrogLube CLP OR when you are first preparing to apply FrogLube CLP and need to remove the remnants of any prior petroleum-based cleaners or lubricants from your firearm.  If you shoot a lot of rounds, as in competition for example, you may find carbon fouling in the bore or other areas, depending on the ammunition you use.  The more you use FrogLube CLP, the less fouling you should expect, but let's be honest, NO CLP can prevent ALL carbon fouling, so you need to be prepared to remove it when you find it, with FrogLube Solvent, have some on hand!


FrogLube Super Degreaser

FrogLube Super Degreaser is not used often, but when you have serious baked-on carbon fouling, or other grease/grime that is caked on you need a SERIOUS cleaner to remove it - this is FrogLube Super Degreaser!  This product can be used "straight up" for the most stubborn chores, or "cut" with water when the prognosis is not quite as bad, it can even be thinned and used in sonic cleaners.