How To Use FrogLube CORRECTLY!

FrogLube is a REVOLUTION in firearms cleaning an lubrication!  No longer must you contaminate your home, shop or body with toxic petrochemicals just to clean and lubricate your firearms!  FrogLube is made from plant-based ingredients, and is 100% SAFE for you and the environment.  "BUT WAIT!" you may be thinking, "It probably doesn't WORK then!".  Well, guess what, IT JUST WORKS!  

The basics of FrogLube use:

1) It's best to REMOVE all prior applied lubricants BEFORE applying FrogLube.  You can use FrogLube Solvent for this, or FrogLube Degreaser if the firearm is heavily contaminated with old lubricants/oil and carbon fouling.

2) FrogLube should be applied to a WARM firearm, use a hairdryer or heat gun on low heat to do this, or apply direct sunlight if no other heat source is available.  Warm the surface to around 120 degrees before starting your cleaning/lubrication session and you'll get maximum benefit from FrogLube.

3) For routine cleaning, after having applied FrogLube previously, you normally only need to use FrogLube CLP for the cleaning process.  Just apply some to the surface or put some on a cloth and use it to wipe the warm surface.  To remove stubborn carbon fouling that is adhered to the surface, you may need to use FrogLube Solvent, apply it, let it soak for a few minutes, then scrub off with a nylon brush.  For stubborn bore fouling, use the same method of applying FrogLube Solvent, let it soak, then scrub off with a bore brush or bore snake.  Over time, after applying FrogLube regularly you'll find that carbon fouling virtually never sticks to any surface again, so cleaning becomes "wipe it off" rather than having to scrub.  This is the BEAUTY of FrogLube!

4) After the firearm is clean of carbon fouling and any dirt/grime, apply fresh FrogLube CLP to the warm surface and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb into the metal.  

5) Wipe the surfaces clean with a microfiber cloth (ideally) or other non-shedding type of paper or cloth towel.  The great thing with FrogLube being biodegradable is that you can actually launder your towels in your clothes washer (best to not launder clothes at the same time due to carbon fouling being present on the cloth which might stain the clothes).  

6) Here's the SECRET to successful FrogLube usage, and the basis for virtually ALL negative statements and reviews that have been directed at FrogLube by misinformed people:  WIPE IT OFF!!  FrogLube does NOT need to be "wet" on the surface like oil, FrogLube treats the metal and provides lubrication to keep the surface "slick" without the need for "wet" lubricant that attracts dirt and carbon fouling.  This is why it WORKS, and is better than oil, which must be left on the surface to provide lubrication and therefore will also attract dirt and carbon.  If you leave excess FrogLube in puddles all over inside the firearm, and then use it in hot weather you'll find it drips and splatters, and if you use it in the frozen tundra you'll find it thickens and "gums up" and may cause malfunctions.  And then you will make a YouTube video or blog post about how FrogLube "sucks".  Ha ha!  That's NOT how you should use FrogLube, so if you DO use it like an oil, you're doing it wrong!

7) FrogLube is safe for all surfaces, metal, plastic, rubber, etc. so if you want to rub the entire gun down with FrogLube, go for it!  ALSO, once you become a loyal FrogLube user, you'll find that you can "Frog Up" lots of other tools and metal surfaces outside of your firearm collection.  FrogLube is an anti-oxidant, which means it helps prevent rusting of all metal surfaces, so it's a great treatment for all tools and other metal surfaces, especially those subject to friction and requiring lubrication.  If you have a folding knife, tac-tool, Leatherman, etc, apply some froglube and see how much smoother it operates!

8) Final Tip - Especially when using FrogLube CLP Paste, when you "melt" the paste onto the surface, be sure that it doesn't run into the inner recesses of the action, specifically the firing pin channel on a striker-fired pistol, or other areas that you would not routinely get into for cleaning.  If warm melted FrogLube is allowed to run into those areas in large quantities, it can become gummed up in there where you'll never see it.  There are internet reports/reviews that state their firing pin spring got gummed up and caused light strikes/misfires on a striker-fired pistol, and now you know why!  If you want to clean/lube the firing pin/spring - remove it from the pistol and clean/lube, wipe off the excess, and then reassemble.