Isn't FrogLube just coconut oil?

If we've heard it once, we've heard it a thousand times.....

Them: "Wow your gun looks great, what do you clean it with?"

Us: "FrogLube, it's great stuff"

Them: "Isn't that the stuff that's just coconut oil with green food coloring?"

Us: "Ugh....."

So, ever since an infamous internet post on a blog about running spectral analysis of FrogLube and determining that it shares a common chemical structure with coconut oil, this has become a bit of an "Old Wives' Tale".  So first of all, FrogLube IS and is marketed AS being a completely bio-based product.  That means it's made from natural plant-based materials.  It's non-toxic because it's made from natural materials, that's the whole point.  Coconut trees are plants.  Does FrogLube have coconut oil in it?  Probably so, along with a bunch of other stuff.  That's not bad, that's good.  It's the combination of all the stuff in it that makes it work so well, don't be a moron.

So despite this, we keep hearing it over and over, so we thought we'd put the rumor to rest once and for all.  We took two new foam cleaning swabs and gunked them up with carbon and lead residue from our AR-15 bolt.  Then we soaked one dirty swab in coconut oil, and one in FrogLube CLP.  We let them sit for 30 seconds, then pressed them with a paper towel to see how much of the carbon gunk had been dissolved in each swab.  And as you will see, coconut oil does provide a little bit of "washing off" of the residue from the swab, but it does not dissolve the residue deep inside, so it's more of a surface flush.  The FrogLube actually dissolves all of the residue from inside the swab and it's much cleaner.

So our conclusion:  Yes FrogLube probably has coconut oil in it, as well as a bunch of other stuff, and it actually functions well as a firearms lubricant and cleaner, whereas plain coconut oil does not.  So stop saying FrogLube IS coconut oil, it clearly is not.

Coconut Oil vs. FrogLube - The Verdict:

Dirty swab soaked in Coconut Oil:

Swab pressed to determine level of dissolving of gunk after 30 seconds with Coconut oil:

Dirty swab soaked in FrogLube CLP:

Swab pressed to determine level of dissolving of gunk after 30 seconds with FrogLube CLP:


Interesting side note, after this test, we also tried the same thing with olive oil, and it did not do nearly as good of job of washing out the residue as plain coconut oil did.  So maybe there's something to starting with coconut oil as a base for this type of product........ ;-)