Why should I use FrogLube?

Well here we go!  This is probably a similar conversation to "What motor oil should I run in my car?".  There is no "right" answer, it's always down to personal preference.  We're not here to tell you that FrogLube is the only way to go, people have been maintaining and lubricating firearms with everything from snot to motor oil for decades, and if you like what you have then stick with it.  But if you THINK there might be a better way, what we CAN share with you, are the reasons that WE love using FrogLube and why it works so well for US!  We're confident that if YOU use it the same way WE do, you'll find that it's a great option as well!

FrogLube allows us to go much longer between cleanings and makes cleaning much easier than any other products we've used.  Now you've probably heard some grizzled old range rat telling you that he has a Glock 17 with 20,000 rounds through it that he's never cleaned.  He probably does, and it probably still fires.  And if you look at it, and especially look inside of it, it looks exactly like a gun with 20k rounds and no cleaning.  Now contrast that with one of our pistols with 20k rounds through it, with a simple cleaning just every 1000-2000 rounds, and a re-application of the FrogLube CLP paste every 5000 rounds or so, and the guns looks NEW, both inside and out.  We've found through our OWN experience over years with multiple firearms that using FrogLube properly will create a cleaner gun with less wear and tear and will make it easier to maintain.  That's the primary reason we use it, period.  Now you MAY find those who say they've used FrogLube and had poor results.  YouTube and gun blogs are littered with "FrogLube jammed up my gun" posts.  See our "How to Use FrogLube CORRECTLY!" guide and you'll know what they did wrong.  We have recruited many of our shooting buddies to the FrogLube way, and NONE have had anything but positive results with FrogLube by following our guidelines for use.

FrogLube is biodegradable, made from food-grade ingredients, and is totally safe for you, your family, and your pets.  What does your workshop smell like when you clean your guns?  A chemical factory?  Do you always wear rubber gloves and a respirator when you're cleaning?  If not, what substances are being absorbed into your body?  If we have the option to use products that are all-natural and still WORK, we're going to do it.  We don't need to go to the garage to clean our guns because of the chemical smell, FrogLube has a pleasant minty fresh scent and there are no complaints from the family about making the house smell like a hospital.  Plus in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, FrogLube doubles as an alternative food source!  Just kidding.... but it IS made with USDA food-grade ingredients.  The non-toxic nature of FrogLube is also the reason that so many Military and Law Enforcement agencies have switched to it.  Long-term exposure to harsh chemicals can't be good for anyone, especially those in high-volume shooting environments!

FrogLube is a good old-fashioned American company, started by a Navy SEAL and is an active supporter of the American shooting culture, our Military and Law Enforcement agencies, and the shooting sports.  As an independent FrogLube dealer, we here at Midwest Froglube are also a good old-fashioned locally owned small business.