FROGLUBE Super Degreaser

FROGLUBE Super Degreaser

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FrogLube Super Degreaser is a super duty cleaner and degreaser used for removing hard core fouling deposits, excessive grease and oil residues and for removal of storage preservatives.  It works against all forms of petroleum and hydrocarbons and petroleum distillates. It also cleans heavy metal, copper, lead, stainless, chrome, nickel boron and other metallic finishes. It has been specifically formulated to allow for varying the cleaning strength by adding water in accordance with a dilution schedule. SuperDegreaser can also be used in ultra sonic cleaners. The formula, like all FrogLube formulas, is 'biobased' and made from natural plant-based, food grade ingredients. 

Notes from Midwest Froglube:

On a new firearm, or one that is being converted over from a petroleum-based lubricant, we recommend a thorough cleaning and removal of all old lubricant with FROGLUBE Solvent (Or Super Degreaser), before treatment with FROGLUBE CLP. 

For MOST applications, Super Degreaser is a bit of "overkill" and regular FROGLUBE Solvent will work just fine, especially for routine cleaning.  We've found Super Degreaser to be beneficial on neglected firearms which have sat for years with carbon deposits on them, or very high volume fire environments (such as full-auto rifles) with thousands of rounds ran though them.  We recommend having one bottle of Super Degreaser around for "when you need it", but you will not use it often so one 4oz. bottle will last a long time.