Beyond Basic Handgun 2 - Monday 4/27/20

Beyond Basic Handgun 2 - Monday 4/27/20

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Class to be held at The Marksman Indoor Range, Waterloo, NE.

Class time: 6-8 p.m.

If you have never shot at The Marksman before, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign the range safety waiver.  You do NOT need to be a member of the range to participate in the class.

Course Description - Beyond Basic Handgun 2

  • Adding further speed and accuracy in your handgun shooting including complex target transitions
    • Students in this class will build upon their experience in the Beyond Basic Handgun 1 course (or equivalent experience), and will be tasked with adding additional speed without sacrificing accuracy.  The skills targeted in this class are the same as Beyond Basic Handgun 1, just at a more demanding level of speed. Students will also be introduced to the concept of complex target transitions and learn to apply marksmanship fundamentals based upon target difficulty.  Students wishing to further explore target transition training should attend our Speed Skills class, which is focused entirely on target transition speed and accuracy. 
    • Gear Requirements:
      • Center-Fire handgun .380 (9mm) caliber or larger
      • Minimum 2 magazines
      • 200 rounds of ammunition (available for sale at the range if you need extra)
      • Eye and ear protection (available for rent at the range if you need it)
  • Course Prerequisites

    Students must have basic gun handling and marksmanship skills in order to effectively engage in this course, as it is not designed as a "learn to shoot" course, it is a "learn to shoot BETTER" course.  Students who have completed Beyond Basic Handgun 1, as well as students who have commensurate experience and skills from other training will be fine in this class.  This course is appropriate for students in skill levels 1-4 (see skill level descriptions).  Shooters at the 0 skill level should enroll in Beyond Basic Handgun 1 instead.

    Course Repeatable?

    YES - This course is designed to be repeated as many times as the student would like.  It's called "2" but that doesn't mean there's a "3", this class is appropriate for shooters up to Skill Level 4, so a very wide array of students, and every time you repeat the curriculum you will continue to refine and add additional skills.