Intro To Action Pistol Competition - 3/9/20

Intro To Action Pistol Competition - 3/9/20

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Class to be held at The Marksman Indoor Range, Waterloo, NE.

Class time: 6-8 p.m.

If you have never shot at The Marksman before, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign the range safety waiver.  You do NOT need to be a member of the range to participate in the class.

Course Description - Intro To Action Pistol Competition

This course is designed for shooters with basic handgun experience who are interested in getting into Action Pistol competition.  Students who have completed our Beyond Basic Handgun classes are great candidates for this, as well as other experience shooters who are interested in participating in USPSA, IDPA or Steel Challenge matches.

Course Prerequisites

Students must have basic gun handling and marksmanship skills in order to effectively engage in this course.  Prior competition experience is NOT required.  This course is appropriate for students in skill levels 1-2 (see skill level descriptions).  

Course Repeatable?

NO - This course is designed as an Introduction to Action Pistol competition for new competitors, there's really no point in taking it multiple times.  The next step after this class would be our Action Skills class, which is taking these concepts to the next level to work on improving your match performance.