Private Training Session - REQUEST INFORMATION

Private Training Session - REQUEST INFORMATION

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Class to be held at The Marksman Indoor Range, Waterloo, NE.

Class time: TBD based upon student, instructor and range availability.


For those with specific skills they wish to work on, or just wanting a more individualized training experience, MCS offers CUSTOM private instruction for either individuals or small private groups.  These sessions can be anywhere from 2 HOURS to 2 DAYS in length.  For small group sessions, a maximum of FOUR students is recommended.  

Contact us at to discuss setting up a private training session.

Course Prerequisites

Students must have basic gun handling and marksmanship skills in order to effectively engage in this training.  We do NOT offer beginner handgun training or CCW classes, contact the Marsksman Range directly for those types of classes.  Prior competition experience is NOT required for our classes.  Our private instruction is appropriate for students in all skill levels.