USPSA Skill Builder - Monday 4/20/20

USPSA Skill Builder - Monday 4/20/20

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Class to be held at The Marksman Indoor Range, Waterloo, NE.

Class time: 6-8 p.m.

If you have never shot at The Marksman before, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign the range safety waiver.  You do NOT need to be a member of the range to participate in the class.


USPSA Skill Builder (Level 2-5)

  • Shooting efficiently through a USPSA Stage to shave time and score better
    • Students in this class will work on all aspects of shooting a USPSA stage, including stage planning, starts, target transitions, moving into and out of positions, shifting trigger speeds based upon target difficulty, and much more.  This is the class for a shooter who wants to excel at USPSA competition, whether it be a new competitor who wishes to start off with a leg up, or an experienced competitor who wants to perform better.  
    • Gear Requirements:
      • Center-Fire handgun .380 (9mm) caliber or larger
      • Minimum 3 magazines
      • 200 rounds of ammunition (available for sale at the range if you need extra)
      • Open-top or competition style belt-mounted holster (no top retention strap)
      • Belt with at least 2 magazine pouches
        (We have some LOANER belts and magazine pouches for students to use if you don't have your own yet, so no worries if you only have a holster!)
      • Your own eye and ear protection that you will use in competition

Course Prerequisites

Students must have basic gun handling and marksmanship skills in order to effectively engage in this course.  Prior competition experience is NOT required.  This course is appropriate for students in skill levels 2-5 (see skill level descriptions).  

Course Repeatable?

YES - This course is designed to be repeated as many times as the student would like, standards for speed and accuracy will be set based upon the student's current skill level and returning students who have shown improvement since the last class will continue to be pushed to a higher level of performance.  There are NO LIMITS to the level of skill you can achieve by focusing on these basic building blocks.