About Us


Midwest Competitive Shooting LLC (MCS) was formed to train handgun shooters at all levels for improved performance using the techniques utilized in handgun competition shooting.  We always did a little training "on the side" for friends and fellow competitors but have now taken the next step to formalizing our training curriculum and establishing vendor relationships for training facilities, training-related product sales and more.  Whether you are new to competition training techniques or an experienced competitor who wants to elevate your performance to the next level, we can help!

Our Lead Instructor:
Joel Park has been shooting competitively since 2004. He has achieved the highest possible classification in USPSA competition of Grand Master in the Production division, and is a regionally and nationally competitive shooter. Joel regularly competes successfully in many other handgun shooting disciplines such as Steel Challenge, GSSF and Bowling Pin matches. Joel is well-known in USPSA competition shooting circles for his regular appearance on two prominent national weekly shooting podcasts, Practical Shooting After Dark and the Shoot Fast Podcast. Affectionately known as "GMJP" by friends and colleagues, Joel has taken on various training roles in the past and is excited to share his knowledge and experience with students. Joel currently shoots a Tanfoglio Stock II in USPSA Production Division.  

Practical Shooting After Dark Podcast
Shoot Fast Podcast

Our Program Director:
Jarel Jensen is a relatively recent convert to competitive handgun shooting, but has embraced the sport with an intense focus! Jarel has a lifetime of training experience in technical subjects ranging from computer software to motorcycle racing, and applies that experience to his passion for competition shooting. He is currently a B-Class Production division shooter in USPSA and regularly competes successfully in other shooting disciplines such as Steel Challenge, Multigun and Bowling Pin matches. Jarel has also earned certification as a Chief Range Officer by the National Range Officers Institute, and is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. He is actively involved in giving back to the sport by volunteering to help operate the largest area USPSA club, Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters. Jarel currently shoots a Tanfoglio Stock II in USPSA Production Division.