Marksman Indoor Range Training - Foundation Series

Marksman Indoor Range


At The Marksman we know that owning your first handgun can be both exciting and intimidating, and we're here to help! Our staff can guide you to the proper selection of a handgun and walk you through all of the aspects of handgun ownership. However, owning a handgun is only the beginning, training is where it will all come together as a handgun owner, giving you the knowledge and confidence to be a safe and skilled handgun shooter.

Our Marksman Foundation Series of classes are PERFECT for the new handgun owner! Whether you have SOME or NO handgun experience, our program will guide you to success! See below for our recommended training progression and get signed up!


(Instructed by The Marksman Staff - Sign up at The Marksman)


This is the class for the "newbie" to handgun shooting! No prior handgun experience required, you'll learn all of the basics in a 2-hour class. Whether you are planning to purchase a handgun and want to know how to make a smart choice, or just want to learn about handgun safety and experience shooting a gun for the first time, this class is for you!

Topics for this class include:

  • Handgun safety - all you need to know before ever touching a gun.
  • Handgun operation - what are the parts of the gun and what do they do?
  • Handgun loading/unloading - doing it all safely
  • Personal protection with a handgun - basics of using a handgun for protection
  • Range time - you'll get to experience shooting a handgun


(Instructed by MCS Training)

This is the next step after the INTRO class for a brand new handgun shooter OR the first class to sign up for if you have limited prior handgun experience and want to start building greater confidence and skills with a handgun. 

Topics for this class include:

  • Handgun manipulation - focus on refining your gun handling skills for safety and efficiency
  • Grip basics - how to build a strong and consistent grip on your handgun for accuracy and consistency
  • Accuracy - how to use your sights correctly to hit any target you aim at
  • Trigger control - how to pull the trigger properly for the greatest accuracy and building the foundation for shooting faster 


(Instructed by MCS Training)

This class is the perfect followup to Handgun Essentials 1, and will build on the skills learned in the prior class. You will be challenged with more difficult targets and we will start to introduce faster shooting.

Topics for this class include:

  • Grip refinement - we will build on the basics of grip to further refine and perfect your hold on your handgun
  • Accuracy - we will use size and distance to create more difficult aiming points to refine your use of the sights
  • Drawing from a holster - we will work on building confidence in drawing your handgun from a holster
  • Shooting speed - we will introduce faster trigger speed as a goal and define how to achieve it without sacrificing accuracy


(Instructed by MCS Training)

This class is the next step for the Handgun Essentials 2 graduate PLUS the perfect entry point into training for a shooter with prior handgun experience who knows the basics, but has never gained full confidence in their handgun skills.

Topics for this class include:

  • Advanced grip - we will analyze your grip in fine detail and work to perfect it as the foundation of all other skills
  • Target transition accuracy - we will introduce the skills required to accurately transition across different targets of varied difficulty while shooting
  • Single-handed shooting - we will show you how easy it is to shoot with only one hand, much easier than you think! This will be a confidence builder in your shooting!


(Instructed by MCS Training)

This is the final class in the Foundation Series and brings it all together in a fun and active format. From here all roads are open for further training, you will leave the class having experienced things that most handgun shooters never experience. You will learn how training for specific skills can elevate your enjoyment of handgun shooting. This class will also prepare you for any adventures you might entertain into competitive shooting, such as our FUN Bowling Pin matches at The Marksman!

Topics for this class include:

  • Accuracy under stress - we will introduce timed drills to give you the experience of shooting accurately with a time limit
  • Movement - we will introduce you to moving while holding your handgun and engaging targets after moving
  • Shooting speed - we will build trigger speed and maintain accuracy while shooting faster

All of our classes can be repeated as many times as you wish, and you can sign up for every class individually.