Travelling Here For Small Group Training

Midwest Competitive Shooting does not offer large group classes "on the road" as some of the prominent national instructors do. Our focus is on small group classes, with a maximum of 4 students for our private 1 or 2-day training sessions. The large classes typically have 10+ students in them, and that's not really compatible with our program. Since we use a lot of detailed individual coaching supported by video analysis to help students work through our curriculum, it just works much better to do it with a small group. 

While you will undoubtedly learn A LOT during the training, our goal is not to just send you away with new skills, but even more importantly we want you to have a clear picture of how to practice and continue your skill development going forward. We will cover both dry and live fire training strategies and give you lots of homework to continue working on your own back home!  We'll also send you the training videos of your performance during the class so you can reference those in the future to assess your progress.

The "travel in" programs we offer include these options:

  • Private or Small Group Foundations (1 day)
    • Full day program consisting of our Core Skills and Speed Skills curriculums plus individual content.   
    • Cost: $800 - can be split up to 4 ways to $200 per student
    • Travel & lodging costs not included.  Lunch each day is included at no charge.
  • Private or Small Group USPSA (2 days)
    • 2-Day program consisting of our Core Skills, Speed Skills and USPSA Skill Builder curriculums plus individual content. Training for current USPSA competitors, includes an assessment of individual skill levels, a progressive set of drills and training objectives, and training guidance on what and how to practice after the class.
    • Cost: $1600 - can be split up to 4 ways to $400 per student
    • Travel & lodging costs not included.  Lunch each day is included at no charge.
  • Custom Curriculum (1 or 2 days)
    •  For advanced students who have very specific things they'd like to focus their training on, we offer custom course development as well. For MOST students, our standard private training programs will prove very effective and valuable in taking your shooting to the next level. The Custom curriculum would be more appropriate for very high level shooters who want to work with us on detailed strategies to address specific individual deficiencies that they are struggling with.
    • Cost: $TBD - based upon what is required.

If you are interested in a private training session for yourself and up to 3 of your friends, let's make it happen! Contact us and we can go over the options with you.

Where Is Training Held?

We offer our training classes at our home range The Marksman Indoor Range, which is location in suburban Northwest Omaha, in the town of Waterloo, NE. We have a great setup there, with all of our training props and equipment available, a full classroom facility, plus a private 26' wide shooting bay to set up our exercises.

Where the Heck is Omaha??

Omaha Location

Omaha really couldn't be more convenient for anyone, it's smack-dab in the middle of the country! No matter where you're traveling in from, Omaha is a pretty easy trip. Omaha is very easily accessed via Interstate-80 while driving, or flying into the super-convenient and efficient Eppley Airfield international airport here.

Ok, I'm Coming to Omaha, Where Should I Stay?

You may not know it, but Omaha is a major metropolitan area with over A MILLION residents, so we have lots of accommodations available. For convenience we recommend one of these two basic hotel options for good quality lodging that is only 10 minutes from our range:

Hampton Inn Omaha West - Lakeside

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Omaha West

What have other students said about MCS Private Training classes?

Shawn C via Facebook - "We contracted a private 2 day class with MCS and i'll have to say the instruction we received is world class. I have spent the last 20 years travelling the country attending training classes and hosting nationally recognized trainers. Joel Park posses a very technical mind as it relates to competition shooting but has the ability to break technique down to a very simple and easy to understand format. No matter what level you are at, Joel has been there and simply knows how to convey the information you will need to achieve your competition shooting goals. Joel is quite simply one of the best instructors I have ever trained with.

Jarel Jensen is the other half of MCS. He brings the knowledge of seeing pretty much every shooter that they have ever trained with at every level. He is able to present the information in a very organized format. His feedback during video review is invaluable and he provides tips and suggestions specifically addressing the mistakes that you have made so you are aware of them and with the hope that you don't repeat them.That last part is up to you, however.

MCS truly has your best interest in their instruction. They want to see you perform at a higher level when you leave the training session. They care about your success and provide a way for you to go about achieving it. If you're serious about getting better in practice that translates to improved match performance, contact these dudes now. Guaranteed they will get you there!"

We look forward to hosting your group and leveling up your skills!