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FROGLUBE paste.... we love it!  This is our own secret weapon for making firearm maintenance a breeze! FROGLUBE paste comes in either a 4 oz. or 8 oz. tub, and will last a LONG time!  One of our competition shooters has an 8 oz. tub from last year which is only half gone after around 20,000 rounds through multiple firearms and dozens of cleanings.  OUR secret to using FROGLUBE paste is to heat it up!  Use a heat-gun or hairdryer, and the paste will "melt" onto the surface you are lubing, then wipe it off and you'll find the surface is left "slick" but not wet.  This is the "secret", DON'T leave the paste cold and dry on the surface, it will create a "gunk" when mixed with carbon and you won't get the full benefit of it.  If you prepare the lubrication surfaces of your firearms with the paste using the heat method, you'll find that you can go a long time between cleanings, and even longer between re-application of the lubricant.  

Here's what we do ourselves to create the FROGLUBE "I hardly ever need to clean/lube my gun" surface treatment: 

1) Clean any old petroleum-based lubricant or carbon buildup from the firearm using FROGLUBE Solvent or Super Degreaser (if it's really heavily gunked up with carbon or old lubricant)

2) Apply the FROGLUBE paste to the lubrication surfaces of the firearm using a swab or q-tip, etc.  Then "melt" the paste onto the surface using heat (heat gun or hairdryer).

3) Wipe the excess melted (now liquid) paste from the surfaces using a swab, microfiber cloth, non-shedding paper towel, etc.  Don't "scub" it dry, just wipe the excess off.


On a new firearm, or one that is being converted over from a petroleum-based lubricant, we recommend repeating that process again a couple more times, every couple range sessions.  At some point (usually after 2-3 applications) you'll start noticing that the firearm just isn't as dirty inside as you were expecting it to be, that will be the "eureka" moment when you realize why FROGLUBE has so many enthusiastic advocates out there in the high-volume shooting community (Military, law enforcement, and competition shooters).  If PROPERLY applied, FROGLUBE really does keep carbon fouling to a minimum.  Once you feel like you have a properly FROGLUBED firearm, start extending the time between cleanings and we PROMISE you'll notice that you just don't need to clean nearly as often as you did before, and you'll only need to re-apply the full lubrication treatment outlined above very infrequently.  We routinely go 1000, 2000 even 5000 rounds in a pistol before giving it another paste treatment, usually we just wipe it down at 500 rounds with regular FROGLUBE CLP wipes or liquid, or maybe just dry-wipe with a towel.  Really, that's it.  YMMV of course, and individual firearms and conditions, how dirty your ammo is, etc. can all affect the outcome.  But trust us, if you go down the road of a dedicated FROGLUBE conversion for your firearm and STICK WITH IT, you won't regret it!  And you'll start laughing every time you see another negative review of FROGLUBE by some forum poster, YouTuber or blogger who says it gummed up their gun and caused malfunctions!