Competition-Level Handgun Training

For shooters of all skills levels with basic handgun experience.  Comprehensive program to take you from basic skills up to a high level of handgun proficiency.  


Who Attends Our Training?

There are a few things we KNOW about handgun shooting.  One thing is that you simply MUST practice to be any good at it.  Another is that the TYPE of practice and training you engage in makes a HUGE difference in how or even IF your skills actually improve.  The skills that are developed when you practice for competition shooting are at a level ABOVE typical handgun training.  The simple reality is if you can shoot FAST and ACCURATELY you're in the upper tier of all handgun shooters, most people who learned basic handgun skills and occasionally shoot at a bullseye target at the range never achieve this.  The good news is you CAN learn to shoot like a pro, it just takes the right structure to your training so you are focused on the building blocks that MATTER under the watchful eye of an instructor who can give you the feedback that is critical to rapid improvement.  Whether you want to actually compete in handgun shooting, or simply want to improve your skills to a level you never thought possible, WE CAN HELP!  We can also PROMISE you will have a lot of fun doing it!

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Growth in shooting sports and what it means for you!

Growth in shooting sports and what it means for you!

It's been a welcome trend to watch for anyone who has been a participant in shooting sports in years past to see SO MANY new and growing opportunit...


I started handgun shooting with some training from a law enforcement friend, got my CCW and become a "good shot" quickly, but I had no idea how much more there was to learn until I started looking into competition shooting training.  MCS Lead Instructor Joel P. took me to the next level and now I compete regularly, have made lots of new friends in the sport, and am still improving all the time!  You simply don't know what you don't know about shooting a handgun until you see it for yourself.  

Jay, Omaha, NE

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